Tuesday, March 21

State gets second chance to serve socialite over Money Laundering charges

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The State prosecutors have been offered yet another opportunity to serve businesswoman and socialite Khadijah Kebbeh with the information, revolving around a multi-million Dalasi lawsuit against her at the High Court.

The theft and money laundering case brought against Khadijah could not be mentioned at the Banjul High Court on Thursday as the State was still unable to reach her.

She is currently living in the US and the State’s inability to furnish her with the information about the indictment against her meant the case had to be adjourned to 20 March 2023, to give room for her to be served with the information sheet.

The Attorney General has already notified the Banjul High Court that Khadijah has been charged with stealing and money laundering.

State prosecutor L. Jarju late last month told the high court in Banjul that the State has pressed a four-count indictment of theft and money laundering against Khadijah.