Sunday, May 28

Station Officer Testifies in a Drug Case –

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By: Nicholas Bass

The Station Officer of Sebanorr Police Station, Omar Jawo, on Tuesday, testified in an ongoing cannabis case involving three accused from Foni at the Brikama Magistrate’s Court presided over by Magistrate Ebou Sowe.

 Omar Jawo disclosed to the court that the three accused namely, Alagie Sanneh, Tapha Jarju, and Ensa Jarju of Kamosor Village in Foni were allegedly accused of drug trafficking. It was disclosed that when a team of narcotics officers raided the compound premises of the accused persons they found ten bags of cannabis with a large quantity of the seed of cannabis in a barrel outside their compound.

PW3, Omar Jawo affirmed that the alleged drugs were taken to Banjulinding DLEAG Center where one hundred and sixty bundles of suspected cannabis were confirmed together with a large quantity of the seed of cannabis and they were labeled. He added that he (PW3) took the twenty-four daily reports.  

Counsel Bubacarr FM Colley representing the accused objected to the admissibility of the alleged drug stating that the alleged drugs were not recovered at the compound premises of his clients, for the said alleged drugs were found outside their compound premises. 

The presiding magistrate Ebou Sowe overruled the counsel’s objection and admitted the 24 daily reports as Exhibit B, 163 bundles of alleged cannabis were admitted as Exhibit C, and the blue barrel of the alleged seeds of suspected cannabis was also admitted as Exhibit D. The matter was adjourned to the 18th April 2023 for continuation.