Saturday, September 30

Stay away from Gambian politics: ECOCIG President warns non-Gambians

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Guinean Kuivogui repeatedly warned the members during a nationwide tour as ECOCIG embarked on awareness campaign on the activities of ECOWAS in Gambia, the activities of ECOWAS citizens and sensitization on Covid-19.

The message comes at a time when sections of Gambians accuse the National People’s Party (NPP) of issuing voter cards to non-Gambians ahead of the December 4th presidential elections.

Cognizant of the fact that election and Gambian politics is a national issue, the ECOCIG reminded the members to stay away.

Speaking before an impressive number of gatherings in Basse, Farafenni and Soma, Pokpaye repeatedly said, “I’ll not finish my speech without sending this strong message to all non-Gambians, please stay away from Gambian politics.”

He added that non-Gambians have no business in the process of Gambians deciding their leaders. 

He called on all ECOWAS citizens to be law abiding and stay away from banditry.

“To all ECOWAS citizens, please stay away from criminality, the honourable governor mentioned it now, we should stay away from criminalty.

He went on: “Let us be law abiding citizens, it is very important. We have ECOWAS protocols that we should respect the laws of the host country.

“Today we are in the Gambia so we should abide by the laws of the Gambia.

“Let us be united, let us be one, our motto is ECOWAS we are one.”

Meanwhile, Pokpaye said some of the objectives of ECOCIG include making the organisation a beacon of hope for all ECOWAS citizens, to work with government and embark on initiatives that will be beneficial to all members and the promotion of peace and security.

ECOCIG aims to provide business opportunities for the less privileged members.

He reminded the gathering of the importance of following health preventive protocols against Covid-19.

The organisation aims to embark on fund raising activities to address issues mainly caused by Covid-19.