Monday, December 5

Street Vendors want KMC to expand Serrekunda Market

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By Sainabou Sanneh

As the surrounding of the Serrekunda market continued to be rowdy and caused a traffic jam on a daily bases, street vendors have demanded an expansion of the Serrekunda market to enable most if not all to have a stall to sell in the market for them to sell without any difficulty and avoid being pressured by the police officers.

Speaking to some of these vendors, Alieu Jallow expressed the challenges he faced with the vehicles adding that it is not safe for them to sit on the street to sell while vehicles are passing frequently.

“We want the KMC to help us with regards to this issue we faced in the market,” he appealed.

He noted that sometimes the council police will come and pack their goods because they selling in the street and not permissible to sit on the street to sell “but it is not our fault,”

He lamented that he chose to sell on the street “because the rent is too high I can’t afford to rent a shop with the small business I do.”

Momodou Dumbuya another vendor said if they could have a space where they can settle down and sell it will be preferable to some of them because the risk involved in selling on the street is too much.

Furthermore, Fatoumatta a vegetable seller highlighted that it is always difficult for her when the police arrive especially when the business is slow “let the government help us in solving this issue we are very tired.”