Saturday, January 28

Students take to streets demanding for return of teachers to classrooms

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 By Sainabou Sanneh & Musa O Bah

Scores of students from various schools on Monday set out for a protest march pass from their various schools to the Westfield Monument to express their grievances and solidarity upon the sit-down strike of their teachers.

The gross of students were chanting “WE NEED OUR TEACHERS BACK EXAMS IS APPROACHING”

Speaking to The Voice, Adama Keita, head girl of Tallinding Upper Basic School, said “Teachers sit down strike is not helping at all no one knows how long the strike will take place but we hope they still find solutions to the issue as soon as possible. Our syllabus is yet to be completed and time is not waiting for us. If there is any issue between the government and our teachers, it should be settled so that learning can go effectively and normally to avoid great failure.”

Ebrima Saidykhan, Head boy from Latrikunda Upper Basic School, also said since July the government did not pay their teachers and promised to increase their allowances by 30% which was never happened.

“We don’t have a good foundation in grade 7 due to Covid-19. This has a lot of impact on us in grade 8. Now our teachers are also on strike, the same thing is happening. My advice to my colleagues is that let them go and look for a person who can guide them through and help them with the lessons,” he said.

Another student, Modou lamin Cessay, added that “Teachers sitting at home is not convincing for that being the reason we decided to come out and show our concerns as students to demonstrate to the people that we are not happy with the way things are going. Exams are just around the corner who knows for how long the sit-down strike will continue? We only hope that they find solutions before the end of the day,” he stressed.