Wednesday, March 22

Sukuta Sannehmengtengreng Ward Councilor accuses UDP executive of candidacy manipulation, resigned from party

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By: Nyima Sillah & BintaJaiteh

Councilor Lamin Sanyang, the Ward Councilor for Sukuta Sannehmengtereng constituency who is seeking a second term in office has resigned from his party (UDP) alleging executives of manipulation of candidates selection ahead of the 2023 local government elections.

Speaking to these reporters yesterday, Hon Sanyang said “I am the chosen one, the people of Sukuta unanimously endorsed me as their aspiring candidate but later Abdou Cham liaised with the executive and they dropped me and chose him (Abdou Cham) as their candidate for the 2023 election.”

Hon Sanyang claimed that he has also been threatened by one Yusupha Cham which made him feel insecure with the UDP party and leaving the party is the best solution he could do.

 “My supporters are angry and they told me to stand as an independent candidate but the independent candidate is not my will so they said wherever I go they will follow me in this councillorship and whosoever I point they will vote for me,” he argued. 

Sanyang further claimed that through the normal procedure, he is the chosen one from the Sukuta ward committee by the chairman and the executives but if things fall like this then he has to find his way out of the party. 

However, the Ward Councilor Hon Sanyang added that he has not yet decided which party to join but time will tell. Noting that leaving the party was never his wish because he has been in the party for 27 years but the selection process was manipulated he does not like the things he is foreseeing in the UDP party. 

“Abdou replaced me after the selection. This is not a question of councillorship but my loyalty to the party for 27 years. So, it is unfortunate and other opposition party members even sympathized with me when I left the party.

“I have thousands of people behind me who are very angry at the moment and to be real, I am going to give my support to the NPP candidate who is Alagie Njie ahead of the election,” Hon Sanyang added in a weird tune.