Saturday, February 4


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The clock is running fast to the crowning of a new champion of of the prestigious Super Nawettan, three years since Kombo East won it and kept it by default, due to Covid and lack of stadia.

The holders have since fallen on way side surrendering the trophy to either Serekunda West or Bakau who meet tomorrow in the final at SereKunda East Park. Officials from both sides have avoided exchanging tirades on the match but the fans are noisy enough to attract a war. ”All borders are closed to Bakau”, SereKunda West fans chanted on Facebook while Bakau fans revisited their traditional controversial slogan; ‘Win by force.’ Whether they win or not each of the finalists will go home with at least D200,000 because the organising committee has announced that the title is worth D250,000, while the runners up will get D200,000. For the first time in history there is a prize for the third place finisher who will get D100,000.

Super Nawettan Organising Committee chairman Pa Yusupha Samba said this year’s edition could have been better: “The slight downside in the revenue collection is because the tournament coincided with the world cup, a very exciting  world cup indeed which kept even the most ardent zonal fans away . But generally everything worked fine with the zones getting their percentages and my committee members doing a fantastic job,” Pa Samba said.


He paid tribute to the great contribution and support of the Gambia Football Federation and its president Lamin Kaba Bajo.

Before the final tomorrow the classification match for third place will be played this evening at Serekunda East park between Sanyang and SereKunda East at 4 PM.