Monday, February 6

Supervisor says turnout for voter registration in Brufut promising

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By Mama A. Touray

Brufut young people were praised for coming out in large numbers to get voter’s card, as the country goes to poll in December to elect a new president who will lead them for the next five years.

At least half a million Gambians have been registered so far, as the Independent Electoral Commission seeks to register one million Gambians.

Speaking to The Voice Amie Ceesay, one of the IEC supervisors in registration center, Brufut said: “the young people are coming out as expected and that is really promising. I was even surprised that we have this number of young people coming to have their voter’s card.”

“I am optimistic when I saw these numbers of young people coming out to take their voter cards,” adding that “the elderly people are also turning out as well and they have registered a total number of 1106 people.”

Registration at Brufut primary school started June 20, and according to Ms Ceesay “the number of males registered is 516 and the number of females registered is 590, so the difference is just a little bit different. “

She said that they are encouraging male to come out and register to exceed the gap and that the registration has been going on smoothly.
“Things are under control and everything is going as expected, and we don’t have any issue like fighting amongst others. We are not having problems with party agents as of now. There was a report that there was fight at Brufut registration centres but that was not true as I said we have no issue with the various political party agents as they are not interfering in our work and the people registering as well. I want to clarify to the general public that there was no issue like such here, everything is in control and people are coming out to register in peace,” she explained.

She however clarified that the ‘faint lines on faces of people on their voters’ card will not be a problem on the day of election, because the data is with IEC and every data is written clearly in their machines, and every registered voter your details is clearly with them.’