Friday, December 8

Supt. Sanneh Says Baitoullah Jr. Told Panel He Was Furious By Gov’t’s Silence Over AKI Deaths

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By Nicholas Bass 

Deputy Superintendent of Police AbdoulieSanneh on Wednesday told the Banjul High Court that Omar Kujabicommonly referred to as Baitoullah Jr. has told a panel of investigators that he was furious and upset by the Gambia government’s “silence” over the death of 93 children as a result of consuming contaminated cough syrup from India.

Baitoullah Jr. is facing charges of sedition, threatening violence and internet-related offences.

Testifying before the high court yesterday, Supt. Sanneh said he headed a panel of investigators that interrogated Baitoullah Jr. over his comments about the Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) deaths. 

According to him, Baitoullah was not initially aware of the reason(s) for his arrest and subsequent interrogation until one of his WhatsApp audios was played to him.

The witness adduced that Baitoullah told the panel that he was upset and furious about the Barrow government’s silence over the deaths of 93 children and was compelled to correct the situation. 

It’s alleged that Omar Kujabi sometime in September and October of last year in Kufuta village and diverse places in theWest Coast Region of The Gambia, with intent to intimidate and annoy, threatened to assault officers of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU), who were sent to arrest him. He’s also alleged to have caused fear and alarm to the public through his WhatsApp and internet platforms. 

He’s also alleged to have harboured a seditious intention by making several WhatsApp audios, calling on the people to go out onto the streets and march to the State House to unlawfully remove President Adama Barrow.