Tuesday, October 4

Sympathisers demand justice for Bubacarr Keita

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By Adama Makasuba

Sympathizers of Bubacarr Keita yesterday gathered to demand a fair trial and justice for him, as he arrived at the Bandung High Court which was full to the brim.

Mr. Keita has been standing trial for allegedly raping his ex-wife’s underage sister resulting in pregnancy since 2019, a charge he denied.

Last some days back, the Bandung High Court judge ordered for blood samples to be taken from Bubacarr Keita and the demised child involved in the case, which attracted a heated debate among Gambians both at home and abroad.

However, yesterday hundreds of Bubacarr Keita sympathizers gathered at the Bandung High Court to protest for a fair trial and justice for the accused. They lashed out at the prolonged justice delay for their fan who they said has been remanded at the state central prison Mile 2 for two years now. They chanted free Bob.

“I want to appeal to Adama Barrow to amend this bad law because many men are wrongly jailed for rape and many of these cases are not true. President Adama Barrow, the nation is sad and we want you to come out and speak about Bob Keita’s case, because we know if this case was under Jammeh’s regime, he would have taken a step,” a lady demanding justice for Bubacarr Keita told reporters.

“Men, please marry good women, some women are not good. Don’t marry women for their beauty, but marry them for their morals and character. This case shows that Bob is being set up. How can a case go for two years and Bob being remanded in mile 2 for two years?” another protesting lady said.

“We stood for justice for the country. President Adama Barrow how this country is going is not okay. Our lives are at risk and your life is at risk. I am here for justice and the country. We are not for violence; we are here for justice.

“I have hope in the justice because the entire people stand for justice and all mothers stand for justice, Bob Keita must be released. I am happy about the large turn out and this show that Gambians need justice. We are not only here for Bob Keita, but we want to know what killed baby M, who was innocent. Bob Keita must be released and we are hopeful that justice will be passed on for Bob to be freed,” another protester said.