Tuesday, May 30

Talib won via individual votes not based on political party – Babucarr Jeng –

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By: Nyima Sillah

National People’s Party former aspirant for KMC, Baboucarr Jeng, said Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda won the recent mayoral election via individual votes, and not based on any political party. 

In an exclusive interview with this medium on his Post elections analyses, Mr Jeng said “Not everyone that voted for Talib is UDP so if we want to analyze that UDP is on the rise we would get it wrong. I believe that to be honest, it is not the UDP that defeated the NPP this was a mix and we are going to separate the mix and identify the dots and join them together.”

He stressed that the United Democratic Party militants will take credit since Talib is UDP, adding it is normal for them to take credit but he (Jeng) personally interacted with people that voted for Mayor Talib that are not UDP.  

“Analyses are ongoing, the incumbent is trying to figure out what went wrong and where, and there were diagnoses that were done which I believe will be table very soon. Thus I don’t think it would be shared with the public because war is strategy,” he added.

However, the Former NPP aspirant said he was shocked when he had the results because of the work that was done and the number of resources that were invested. 

Mr Jeng thought it would have brought different results but was quick to say the voter turnout was low and NPP is still a baby whilst UDP is old which is a challenge for them.

“I think this would be a wakeup call for the NPP and I am sure it has pushed them to go back to the drawing board. NPP has a lot of intellectuals that are behind the scenes and I am sure they are going to come out with strategies, and we will engage without relenting,” Mr. Jeng said.

Notwithstanding, he congratulated Mayor Talib on his new tenure and urged him to collaborate with the central government to make the work easy for him, saying the president has opened his hands to work with anyone for the best interest of the country.