Wednesday, June 7

Tallinding South Councilor optimistic of re-election

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By: Binta Jaiteh

Karamo Ceesay, the incumbent Councilor of Tallinding South who is seeking another term, said he is optimistic about being re-election by the people of Tallinding in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Speaking to The Voice he said, “The people of Tallinding will vote for me to continue my establishments that is why I was nominated last Thursday under the United Democratic Party ticket and I vowed to fulfill the promise I made to my people.”

According to him, Tallinding people can attest to the infrastructural development like the construction of roads, fencing of the cemetery, refurbishment of the market, providing electricity at the Buffer Zone and cemeteries, and empowerment of girls and young women through tailoring skills centers.

He noted that he assists needy families, provides schools with furniture, provides ambulances for the community, and more.

Councilor Ceesay stated that he is not boosting but he executed his work without favor or any political interference, and he treated everybody equally despite their political differences.

“We should not let politics or tribalism ruin our country. Instead, we should vote through competence and capability. I urged all my fellow contestants to conduct their campaign in a more civilized and peaceful manner,” he urged.

Meanwhile, he vowed to create more job opportunities, especially for the youths and girls, noting that all these plans can be executed through togetherness and determination.