Sunday, January 29


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By Omar Bah

Tamsir Jasseh has rescinded his decision to resign as national president of the Gambia Action Party, less than 48 hours after announcing his departure.

Mr Jasseh last Thursday quit GAP, saying he would wish to pursue other opportunities to serve the country.

But immediately after his resignation, the party executive wrote back to him rejecting his resignation.

Now in another letter shared with The Standard yesterday, Jasseh wrote: “In light of the rejection of my resignation letter by the secretary general and top executive members of the party, and the fruitful discussions that we had on Friday 12th March 2021, I hereby rescind my resignation letter from the Gambia Action Party dated 11th March 2021.

“I am delighted that the executive and I were able to reach an understanding that will strengthen the relationship that we all have with each other, as well as with the Gambia Action Party. I am confident that the Gambia Action will be the ruling party of our homeland in 2021 and beyond. Long live our homeland! Long live GAP.”