Wednesday, June 7

Tangara says China’s modernisation addresses in resolute way

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“Widely viewed as a miracle in the history of human development, it promoted poverty alleviation, common prosperity, ecological conservation and people centered democracy as well as the rule of law. Indeed, it is often said that having evidenced that it can be done, China has inspired many developing countries to seek their own formula to reduce poverty and to promote their respective economic development and prosperity,” he said.

“The socio-economic transformation of China has simply been unprecedented. This evolution is a clarion testament to the great utility of competent, visionary and stable domestic leadership. China has historically espoused a consistent commitment topursuing a development narrative and strategic thinking that is fully cognizant of its great civilisational values and history.”

“This spirit of innovativeness and consistency is also a demonstrative inclination that the quest for sustainable development and the 3 resulting beneficial partnerships can be fully realised through differentiated avenues and platforms.”

“The Belt and Road Initiative is postured to immensely accelerate our strong desire fora more integrated and just World where positive collaboration between States is not burdened by the complexities of ideological and cultural differences. The desire for self-actualization for Nations transcends mere schematics and perspectives that have long lost their persuasive vibrancy. What is critically important in the configuration ofthe Belt and Road Initiative is a uniquely focused aspiration that regardless of our subtle differences, we are all galvanized under the common ambition of seeking beneficial and sustainable socio-economic transformative partnerships. It essentially bridges physical distance and shared interests and prosperity.”

“The Republic of The Gambia commends President Xi Jinping for his dynamic leadership and indivisible dedication to ensuring that the African continent occupies a central space in the articulation of the imperatives for closer relationships between countries particularly under the major flagship initiative of the Belt and Road Initiative.”

Tangara further stated that Chinese modernisation and the resulting impetus brought to global prosperity is consistent with history. “The dynamism and forward-thinking enterprise of the Chinese people has been recorded in history some centuries ago. Therefore, for our countries, the rapid modernity witnessed in China is not an aberration but a strong restoration of the importance that the Chinese people and civilisation have assumed in global history.”

“A prosperous China is a welcomed development for many of our countries. History has demonstrated that China has a greater preoccupation with respecting the civilizational differences of others. This is matched with a greater tendency to deploya more benign engagement mantra with others. In Africa, there is no recollection of history that China has forcibly imposed its cultural ethos and abrogated the value and political systems of countries on the continent. For us, therefore, a Chinese Dreamepitomises a greater opportunity to widen the scope for mutually beneficial and friendlier political, trade and cultural relations.”