Saturday, September 30

Tanka Tanka in urgent needs of Landscape, says Tanka Tanka Matron

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By: Nyima Sillah

Omar Bojang, Matron at Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital has disclosed that the hospital is badly in needs of a landscape, especially during this raining season.

In an interview with The Voice newspaper on Wednesday, Mr Bojang disclosed that the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital management did wrote letters to few people to provide them with landscaping, especially during this rainy season because during the season the area is not that much organize “so landscaping is something that we really need here.”

According to him, the reason why the landscape is their priority is because there is currently a construction there sponsored by IOM and the relaxing place for their patients is at the middle part, trucks usually pass through whereas the nature of the land surface is very badly.

 “We have some trucks and some rocks all over, so the place is all in a mess right now. We talked to some architects, and they designed something for us that we can use for landscaping, so, currently that is what we are selling for people to chip in,” he revealed.  

Among other huge challenges they are faced included food items, clothing, and cooking materials. He noted that they are still using firewood for cooking, and the challenge of having this firewood is very huge.

“Recommendations have been made for us to use appropriate gas cooker or electric cooking pot this would help in the long run. Some stationary materials are needed, and sometimes we have problems of transporting our goods and services. So, anything that one can bring will help one person or two in the long run.” he added. 

He reminded that “Tanka Tanka is a government facility, and the government is trying its level best to make sure medication is provide, food, and certain sanitary materials, but it is a challenge to fulfill all those things. So, some of these efforts are been complimented by other foundations, other charity foundations and individuals.”