Friday, September 29

Task Force Findings Attributed AKI Deaths To Contaminated Syrups

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The Minister Of Health, the Minister Of Gender,Children and Social Welfare and the Govt Spokesperson at the press briefing.

By Ramatoulie Jawo

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The Presidential Task Force findings on the Acute Kidney Injury outbreak that led to the death of more then 70 children in the summer of 2022 revealed that the deaths are caused by contaminated syrups.

The Task Force on its reports said the evidence gathered through the investigation, specifically the testimonies of professors Muoneke Uzoamaka Vivian Professor Gabriel Ogun, Dr. Jusman Leigh and the conclusive findings of the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization (WHO) concerning Causality Assessment of the death of the children.

The Task Force said it is safe to conclude, without anyone qualms, that the death of seventy children below the age of five,  between July and October 2022 related to Acute kidney injury is a result of contaminated medicine found in four cough and cold syrup imported by Atlantic Pharmacy from maiden pharmaceuticals company limited in India.

“It is important to note that the expert opinions of Professor Vivian, Professor Ogun and Dr Leigh of the EFSTH had been strongly corroborated by the report of the Center for Disease Control of the United States of America and the Causality Assessment report of the World Health Organization,” the Task Force revealed.

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