Thursday, December 7


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Sang Ndong says no ideal draw is guaranteed for any side You must beat champions to become a champion

The Technical Director of Gambian Football Federation and former national team coach Sang Ndong has said the country should go into tomorrow’s Afcon draw with high spirit preparation to take on any team that comes out of the bag.  “Though I would ideally wish we do not meet a very difficult side among the big boys in Pot Numbers 1, 2, or 3, I still think our mentality should be that to become a champion you must beat a champion- meaning we should be ready to take on any side we find in our group,” Ndong, also a former long term international goalkeeper said.

Asked what should be the country’s priority after the draw. Sang said as far as technical preparations are concerned, that has been ongoing since the qualifiers where the national team fought hard battles in a tough group to survive. “All that journey is part of the technical preparations because ultimately we were fighting to qualify. I think after tomorrow’s draw, we will all have an idea as to how to go about with the logistics,” he said.

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The draw for the Afcon 2023 will take place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast today Thursday with 24 teams including The Gambia in the draw.

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