Wednesday, September 27

Team-Kaba runs into protesters in Basse

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A number of protesters greeted the tour party of the Team – Kaba campaign team in Basse where they attended the regional footballer league final. Waving placards reading Kaba- Must Go, Football is Not For Greater Banjul Alone, the protesters shouted slogans demanding change.

The GFF president Lamin Kaba Bajo meanwhile continued to officially preside over the presentation of prizes and other awards to the finalists before proceeding on his meetings with stakeholders. A member of the Team – Kaba campaign said the youths were mobilised by opponents but the true situation is that the URRFA supports Kaba Bajo as showed by the nomination they filed for him. ”I think everything was staged and managed by the opposing camp. We are mature enough to accept and encourage dissent as it is election time. This is normal but we know that Team-Kaba will win with a landslide. The real stakeholders know what is at stake,” another Team-Kaba official stated. However, a member of the TRC campaign of Sadibou Kamaso said no one mobilised the youths. ”They were adequately sensitised about the failings in our football and that’s what motivated them to protest, ”a TRC official said.