Friday, September 30

Team-Kaba vows to transform Gambia’s football

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Members of the incumbent Team-Kaba campaign have vowed to transform the country’s football sector and continue its progress if elected for their final term of office.

The GFF incumbent president, Lamin Kaba Bajo led his campaign to launch a 14-page manifesto yesterday Wednesday, held at the Oasis Building in Senegambia.

Team-Kaba’s 14-page manifesto talked in detail about 6 bullet points which are also termed as their starting lineup on how they intended to continue the progress of the country’s football development agenda.

The first point of the Team-Kaba manifesto talked about its 13-man executive member qualification and experience to continue steering the affairs of football in the country.

The second bullet point in the Team-Kaba manifesto is about governance: maintaining a strong GFF. This is termed as the goalkeeper in the starting lineup.

The third point in the manifesto is football development.

Team-Kaba’s fourth point in their manifesto which are termed as the midfielder is called the development of national football leagues.

The fifth point bullet which is seen as the strikers talks about a respectable football nation and the development of national teams

The sixth and final bullet point of the manifesto talks about the funding of football in The Gambia. This area talks about the FIFA Forward, Sponsorship, Gate Ticketing, Selling of Merchandise, and Government funding of the National teams.

Speaking during the launching ceremony, incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo who is seeking re-election for a third and final term in office said they would continue to observe strict adherence to the FIFA-approved Constitution, with the Executive Committee holding regular meetings and ensuring sound management of the strategic direction of the GFF.

“We will also appoint competent people to all statutory sub-committees & judicial organs and all meetings and decisions to be in line with the tenets of the GFF Constitution.”

He also promised to work with the central government through the National Sports Council viz-a-viz the Ministry of Youth & Sports to ensure the construction of a new National Stadium.

“We shall continue to improve mini stadiums even though we had delays in the completion of some of the grounds, the planned works will continue to ensure that we improve on the standards of the said stadiums to conform to CAF standards in hosting local and international club matches.”

According to him, they would continue to make the domestic national leagues more attractive to the spectators by introducing, as part of the league calendar, an annual awards ceremony for the league immediately after the season ends where both the champions and cup winners will be officially decorated.

“In addition to that, we will also introduce Player of the season, Goalkeeper of the season, Young player of the season, Coach of the season, Most disciplined team of the Season, and Goal of the season to be named after BiriBiri, in collaboration with the Coaches and Players Association for all categories across the board.”

Following the country’s maiden qualification to the 2021 AFCON in Cameroon and the eventual sixth place finish, Mr. Bajo said they are now committed to the process of continuity in terms of achieving minimum objectives by making The Gambia a respectable football nation.

He added that they would ensure qualification of the Scorpions for the 2023 AFCON in Cote d’Ivoire and the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

According to Mr. Bajo, they will continue to support all stakeholders (Clubs, Regional, and Allied Associations) financially through the FIFA Operational Support, Share of Gate Taking, and Sponsorship of leagues.

The final bullet point also talks about the football veterans’ welfare fund. Kaba Bajo revealed that this seems to recognise the veteran players’ immense contribution to the development of football in the country over the years.