Sunday, June 11

“That Man Is Sick” Lamin Jatta Responds To NPP CRR Chairman

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By Buba Gagigo

The National People’s Party (NPP) chairman for the West Coast Region, Lamin Jatta, has called the NPP chairman for the Central River Region, Lamin Lawo Baldeh, a “sick person” in response to a story published by our newspaper this morning. He also denied all allegations labeled against him by Lamin Baldeh.

“I have listened to him, but that man is sick. My women mobilizer wanted to accompany Maimuna (Baldeh) for a tour. I told her not to go there because we also have eight women councilor candidates. I told her to work in her region and not to go with Maimuna because Maimuna is going to do her work. He (CRR) said there is a problem between me and my women mobilizer, but there’s no problem between us

“He said president Barrow should sack me, but I will remind him that he left GDC to join NPP due to the work that was done in NPP before he joined. It was after the establishment of NPP he came. He is not a founding member. In fact, it was this year (at NPP’s last Congress) that he became a regional chairman. I was maintained as chairman because of my work,” he said.

Mr. Jatta also denies the allegations of supporting independent candidate Ahmed Gitteh over the National People’s Party’s candidate, Seedy Ceesay.

“He also talked about me supporting Gitteh, but let them call Gitteh and ask him. Gitteh knows that I am not supporting him. People have seen me everywhere going with Seedy Ceesay,” he said.

On the allegations of him refusing to share the sugar given to him, the NPP West Coast chairman said the said sugar was not even distributed by him.

“I did not even share the sugar. I had people who distributed all the sugar. I didn’t have a place to store the sugar. That was the reason I took it home. And the women mobilizer was there when the sugar was shared. She was among the people who shared the sugar. The youth coordinator was also among the people who shared the sugar. I was given, and they forgot some chairmen, but I was the one who gave all of them my sugar. I also shared my own sugar with our 16 councilor candidates in West Coast,” he said.

On why his party lost heavily in the West Coast Region, Lamin Jatta attributes the problem to low voter turnout in his region.

“We have disappointment in the West Coast Region because people didn’t turn out to vote and am not responsible for those people refusing to come out. I have used my vehicle to transport many more to come and vote,” he said.