Wednesday, March 22

The Fatu Network

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  • Principles of justice
  • Individual freedoms
  • Liberties
  • State to defend
  • Protect the fundamental rights
  • Freedoms of citizens


Address : 27 Kairaba Ave, Serekunda – Gambia
Phone : (+220) 500-6555
Website :
Email : Click here


The Fatu Network is the leading online news provider in The Gambia. The Fatu Network focuses on the truth, however inconvenient. It reports events from an independent and detached point of view. The Fatu Network owes allegiance to only The Gambia and the voiceless common Gambian man and woman. The need for Gambians to live in a country where the best traditions and ideals of democracy are recognized, appreciated and practiced is what led to the establishment of The Fatu Network. The Fatu Network is hugely committed to principles of justice, individual freedoms and liberties and for the state to defend and protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of citizens and also for the state to create conditions for their political, social, economic and other development. The Fatu Network’s motto is, “Truth then Justice”.