Sunday, November 27

The Gambia’s hyperinflation and Corruption: Young people urged not to be used as a political tool

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By Binta Jaiteh

John Charles Njie, chairperson of TANGO and head of YMCA has expressed concern over the current price hike of basic food commodities and the rampant corruption in the country and admonished young people not to be used as tools by such corrupt individuals.

Mr. Njie made the remark during a forum at Youth and Security Conference on the theme “Youth Inclusion for Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace, and Combating Irregular Migration through Youth Resilience.”

The forum is part of The Gambia YMCA advocacy component under the project dubbed “Work for Peace” during which the head of the Gambia’s Civil Society Organisation, Mr. Njie seized the occasion to advise the young people to be sincere and not be carried away by the corrupt individuals.

Addressing the audience on the current situation in the country amid high inflation and corruption, Mr. Njie opined that there is no hope for the youth but advised them to keep hope alive and be realistic and not allow themselves to be influenced or carried by unscrupulous people and politicians in their dubious activities.

“If you get discouraged over what you see currently and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the seeming nonsense that possibly our leaders are getting into corruption and the death of young people by medicines coming into our country without any control, our deteriorating health condition, poor education system, and social services need a lot to be desired. If you look around it seems to be nothing that will make you want to stay in the Gambia”, he said.

Mrs. Priscilla Dun, project director of YMCA, noted that the project is funded by Finland YMCA and formulated under the 2015 United Nations Security Council on Youth, Peace, and Security which The Gambia recognizes the young people play an important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security.