Friday, January 27

The IPC Engages Political Leaders

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The meeting of the 17 political parties of the country at the highest level in the presence of civil society operators at the International Conference Centre is a landmark event that sets the tone for building an electoral system that would deliver genuine results and an outcome that would give rise to the undiluted choice of the people.

Fourteen out of the 17 Secretary Generals who participated declared that they are willing to put the past behind them and in the supreme interest of the country promote dialogue and cooperation to ensure that elections are conducted in a free and fair manner and disputes settled through the courts.

They endorsed the CODE OF CONDUCT incorporated in a memorandum of understanding signed by all the parties.

Foroyaa will try to interview the leaders on their concerns and reach out to the Co-Chairs of the interparty Committee for clarification if any. This will maintain the spirit of dialogue and clarification of all issues so that all leaders would be on the same page.