Wednesday, February 8


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Tourism Minister Hamat Bah has praised the late police chief Mamour Jobe, describing him as a true patriot, who was loyal to The Gambia, the government, and President Adama Barrow, Freedom Newspaper can report. Mr. Bah was speaking yesterday at the burial of the late Inspector General of police.

Addressing a large congregation, Bah conveyed President Barrow’s condolences to the Jobe family. He said Jobe’s demise was a big loss to the nation, particularly the police force.

According to Bah, Mamour Jobe, has exceeded the expectations of the President, while overseeing the daily management of the force.  Jobe, he went on, was not only loyal to The Gambian government, but to the commander-in-chief Adama Barrow.

Commenting on Jobe’s sudden death, Bah, said it was this past Wednesday, when the late Mamour Jobe, phoned President Barrow to inform that he had suffered a heart attack, while he (Jobe) was in the shower. He said Jobe was rescued by his wife from the bathroom.

“The President then sent one of his doctors Mr. Sabally to attend to Mamour Jobe.  Sabally later reported to the President that Jobe had recovered. 24 hours later, the President received a sad news about Jobe’s death,” the tourism Minister remarked.

According to Mr. Bah, Jobe wasn’t keen at going to the hospital when the President suggested that he should check in with one of the hospitals.

“His death is God’s decision. If it were money that was going to cure him, he would still have been here with us, but God’s decision cannot be challenged. If God summons us, we must answer, that is why there is no need for people to destroy each other. We should always bear in mind that one day, we would answer to God, like Mamor Jobe did. The fuss for positions, material wealth and fame are uncalled for. No one should pursue worldly things; or fabricate lies against people,” Bah said.

“The same Mamour Jobe was at the TRRC this past week. No one would have believe that he would not witness today’s date. Therefore, we should be careful in our dealings towards each other. Let us live as a family, respect each other, and be God fearing,” Bah added.

Meanwhile, President Barrow has donated D100,000 dalasis to the deceased’s family. The Gambian government has also donated D100,000 dalasis.

Hamat Bah has supported Imam Baba Leigh’s call for Imams to be supported financially. Bah has underscored the important role that Imams have been playing in our communities. Extending a helping hand to the Imams, he noted, is sacrosanct.