Thursday, September 29

The Mother of Samsudeen Phatey Continued Her Testimony in the Unauthorised Publication Case –

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By Nicholas Bass

Mariama Cham Phatey, the mother of Samsudeen Phatey, on Tuesday, 13th September 2022, continued her testimony in the unauthorized publication case involving Fatou Touray, the Chief Executive Officer of Kerr Fatou and Fatoumatta Drammeh of Paradise Television, at the Birkama Magistrates’ Court presided over by Magistrate Peter Adoh Che

Mariama Cham Phatey, the PW1 in continuation of her testimony told the court that Neneh J. Thomson, one of the accused who absconded was charged with criminal conduct at the Brikama Children’s Court which resulted in several attempts of her arrest by the Gambia Police Officers. She clarified that Neneh J. Thomson is facing allegations of unauthorised publication of the child’s proceedings at the Brikama Children’s Court coupled with a charge of criminal contempt of the Brikama Children’s Court.

However, she emphasized that it was due to Neneh J. Thomson’s (personal) participation on social media regarding the ongoing minor case at the Brikama Children’s Court which led her to be charged for unauthorised publication of the minor’s (name withheld) case.

She added that the Brikama Children’s Court gave an Order that Neneh J. Thomson,  who had absconded to hand over the child to Samsudeen Phatey, the plaintiff.

She objected to the accused persons’ Lawyer, Abdul Aziz Bensouda who said there was no proceeding in Samsudeen Phatey’s child case at the Brikama Children’s Court, but stated that there were proceedings of the child’s case of Samsudeen Phatey with Neneh J. Thomson at the Brikama Children’s Court. The Defendant’s lawyer disclosed stated that the number 1 and 2 accused, FatouTouray and Fatoumatta Drammeh did not publish the picture of Samsudeen Phatey’s child on social media.

At this juncture, Counsel Malick H.B. Jallow pleaded for PW1 to be discharged from the dock before he asked the court for an adjournment. Magistrate Peter Adoh Che granted his pleas and adjourned the case to the 13th of December 2022 from 11:00 to 2:00 for hearings.

Meanwhile, the accused persons, FatouTouray and FatoumattaDrammeh were present and they were represented by Lawyer A. Aziz Bensouda and Solomon C. Jatta and the plaintiff, Samsudeen Phatey absent but he was represented by Lawyer Malick H.B. Jallow.