Sunday, May 28

“They Have No Place To Live” -Family Appeals For Help As Inferno Consumes Their Entire Compound

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By Buba Gagigo

A family in Foni Jarrol is appealing for help from the government and philanthropists as an Inferno suspected to be caused by an electric malfunction consumes their entire compound on Tuesday morning.

“This the inferno that consumed an entire compound in Jarrol village around 9 to 10am, and the family is currently seeking urgent support of food, clothing as the incident happened in the holy month of Ramadan. It happened in my village (Foni Jarrol) and the family background is not that strong, they need urgent support. Nothing came out of the fire, and they have no place to live” an eyewitness told Kerr Fatou.

To support the family, you can contact the landlord, Lamin Manjang on 2453295 or 5088524