Saturday, November 27

Time Has Come For Halifa Sallah To Be President- Dr Jagne

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Dr Bai Ebrahim Jagne
All People’s Party

By Landing Ceesay

The All People’s Party (APP) leader Dr. Bai Ebrahim Jagne has said that the time has come for Halifa Sallah, the presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) to be president of The Gambia.

“For 35 years, Halifa Sallah has been talking to people on how to develop The Gambia. The time has come; the time has come for him (Halifa Sallah) to be president of this country. In 2016, there was no war in this country, thanks to Halifa Sallah and everyone knows that. So the time has come for Halifa Sallah to be president of this country. Give your votes to Halifa Sallah this year. Halifa is a big doctor and he has seen the country’s sickness. The medicine to cure the Gambia’s sickness is in Halifa Sallah’s hand.

“If you vote for Halifa Sallah, the PDOIS government will make sure that you don’t import rice. Within five years, The Gambia will grow rice and export some. The money you will use to export rice will remain in this country. That money can be used to construct good roads, build hospitals and provide medicines to hospitals; it will buy good ambulances for the hospitals as well. So vote for Halifa Sallah because the time has come for him to be president,” Dr Jagne said.

The APP leader who during the nomination process withdrew his intention to run for the highest office and later endorsed the PDOIS candidate made these remarks in Sami village in the Upper River Region (URR) on Friday.

The PDOIS Party is currently on a nationwide tour as part of its presidential campaign. The tour that began on November 9 would run-up to December 2, 2021.