Sunday, November 27

Top politician Says Barrow’s greed for power led the country into a crisis

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By Binta Jaiteh

A top politician and press secretary has alleged President Adama of being greedy and power-hungry, plunging the country into this whole economic and political mess.

In an interview with this medium with regard to the recent visa ban on the Gambia by the United Arab Emirates Sheikhna Faal explained: “President Barrow’s weak or poor foreign policy contributes to all these problems the country is going through. visa restrictions will surface as far as Barrow is in power because he doesn’t understand how to govern the country. If the president is honest, he should have resigned because he cannot rule the country.”

He continued: “I can attest that President Barrow will not and doesn’t have any tangible solution f to solve the current situation we are going through. Living in this country is a nightmare. It is like hell on earth due to what the ordinary citizens are facing daily.”

Reacting to the AKI crisis which led to the death of over seventy children and is currently under debate, Faal challenged the minister of health to resign with immediate effect since he has failed the people.