Thursday, December 7

Tourism Minister: NAMs Should Not Pay for Vehicles

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Hamat NK Bah, Minister for Tourism and Culture

By Ramatoulie Jawo

“I share a different view with most people and others. I believe that Section 112 of the Constitution have made it very clear the responsibilities of Members of Parliament to the Gambian Nation, and I therefore believe it is wrong for them to be deducted D22, 000,00 per month to meet up the cost of these vehicles. This is my view, and I believe that it is wrong. It should be converted into fuel, and they should not pay a dime for these vehicles,” Hon Bah shared his view.

The Tourism Minister said that Members of Parliament are elected officials who are doing their jobs. He urged the Speaker of the National Assembly to do everything possible to ensure that they do not have to pay for their vehicles.

“They are doing their job; they are elected members. It is wrong, and I think under your leadership (Speaker) you should make everything possible to make sure that they should not pay a dime for these vehicles,” he said.

Hon. Bah commended the National Assembly leadership and the government for providing the lawmakers with the tools they need to do their job effectively.

“I congratulate the house leaders, and I congratulate the Members of Parliament and the government for giving them (NAMs) a fitting means of doing their job. The vehicle given to them (NAMs) is very fitting and timely for them to be able to discharge their responsibilities,” he stated.