Sunday, January 29

Traditional and Cultural Historian in Action

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Rongo (Momodou Lamin Jarju) is well informed about the history and tradition of his area and is very keen in passing on that knowledge.

Rongo: “My primary aims, objectives & enthusiastic position with the little knowledge, resource & whatsoever I am blessed with is to be a positive development contributing partner of the entire humanity especially my wonderful nation & more so very particularly my local community but not to be in either way or manner an absolutely economic dependant.

I believe very much in the sacred tradition & cultural spirit of respecting, caring, sharing & trying to also consciously defend the right for one’s predestined integrity accorded to us by the Almighty Allah’s divine constitution.”

Gambia’s creative typical Traditional & Cultural historian Rongo on Sunday 6th Jan. 2023 in his popular Cultural Centre ” YARAMBAMBA” was lecturing eagerly interested visiting tourists about the rich, peaceful, educative & most respectful Gambian tradition & cultural norms with values in fostering peace, harmony & dignity with pride for oneself and as well within the entire human race.

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