Wednesday, September 27

Tranquil residents vow never to vacate homes

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By Mafugi Ceesay

Residents of Tranquil who were recently ordered to evict their compounds by a court order in favour of one George, a German national, have said they will not move from their places.

Sulayman Badjie one of the affected landowners told journalist at a press conference yesterday that they bought their lands from original traditional land owners and after diligent research on the said properties, they proceeded to erect houses worth millions of dalasis, in some cases, since 2004.

He gave the history of the case saying that in 2012 one George a German had come from nowhere claiming ownership of 22 plots of their land in the area.

Mr Badjie who was speaking on behalf of the affected families said they were not party to any land case and were not aware of any case until they saw police intervention unit asking them to vacate their homes without even allowing them to explain in 2012.

He said thereafter, they wrote a petition to then President Yahya Jammeh that led to an investigative panel which concluded that the properties be returned to them and the German national be compensated another within the Greater Banjul Area and that was how the matter was laid to rest.

” So our properties were returned to us and we were told to lease our lands if we can, and that’s exactly what we have done and some of us applied and we’re granted lease,” he said.

Badjie added that after the change of government, to their surprise, they received a notice by the Sheriff Division to vacate their properties. “We believe this is unjust, and unfair,” he said.

He said the trend the matter is taking could possibly result to conflicts, violence and undesirable results if there is any attempt to forcefully evict them and their families.

He said their desire is to enjoy their hard earned investment in tranquility and peace of mind, adding that they are calling on the concern citizens and the government to come to their rescue and resolve the matter amicably.

The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress GMC Mai Fatty who attended the press conference said he was there to show solidarity and to find out any realistic and amicable solution to this durable problem. “I believe that a lot of avenue should be explored and room for more pragmatic negotiations created leading to possible compensations and or restoration of their rights to their entitlement. So, I am here to guide them and help facilitate a solution to this needed situation. I am here also to help them pursue their rights in a more legitimate manner and also to have constructive discussion with the stakeholders to see how to revitalise and the negotiations process,” Fatty said.