Monday, October 2

Tricycle drivers appeal to government not to ban tricycles from traffic

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As the year is moving very closer to an end, so also the tricycle drivers are counting the number of days left for them which government, in particular, the traffic police will swing into action to take them off the roads.

However, Alpha Barry, a tricycle driver said it going to create hardship for some people if the government finally ban it from the roads, especially in terms of feeding “ourselves and families.”

He said it is from this tricycle he does earn his living as he has no handiwork. “Before I involve in this tricycle I did buy Aluminum but now I can’t do that anymore because am not strong my legs do pain when I Walk a long distance.,” he explained his condition.

Among his commitment, he said he has to pay his rent and school fees for his kids with other school materials, “So, if the government ban it, we are going to suffer a lot. I join my other colleagues to appeal to the government to consider our situation and the fact, not enough jobs in the country to do.”

Ousman Sarra divulged that it is going to be a big challenge for them if the government does not rescind its decision coming end of the year “because this is the place where we survive so if the government is trying to ban it, it means they are killing us softly.”

Ndey Kumba Jobe, a commuter said since the day she heard that it will be banned finally in by ending of the year “I was not comfortable with the idea because tricycle has an important role it plays in transportation to the society, it people in different ways.”

Ndey Kumba added whenever there is an emergency that they need to go to the hospital at midnight “we do use them without stress, we use them when going to market for shipping and some help to carry children to schools and many other things.”