Friday, September 30

TRRC Has Concluded Focus On The Victims

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Three years of testimony has caused the tears of the victims to dry up and their hearts are now losing hope of redress.

The injustices are naked before us. The TRRC has been given chance to complete its work. The records are there for everyone to read. What is important now is to focus on those who are suffering. Some will never work again or regain their kidney functions without technical aids.

They rely on charity and support of family members.

The Government should set up a technical body that is capable of computing the cost of injuries. A persons’ minimum earning up to pensionable age if he or she performed duties that his or her background permits could be easily computed.

Pittance would amount to adding insult on injury.

This is the time to heal wounds to make reconciliation possible. As long as the wounds of the victims are not healed, talking about reconciliation would be futile. The whole nation should be united in calling for the immediate compensation of the victims.