Sunday, November 27

Trust Bank renamed

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After 25 years of excellence as a financial institution in The Gambia, the chairman of the board of directors of Trust Bank, Franklin Hayford, on Saturday revealed that Trust Bank Limited has now been renamed ‘Trust Bank Public Limited Company’ with a new logo.

According to Mr. Hayford, the new logo has been designed to visually demonstrate the Gambian heritage and the sophisticated nature of the bank. “We are moving away from the navy and gold coloured parallelogram-shaped logo to a baobab tree with a rising sun in the background,” he proclaimed.

He added that the new logo is more symbolic and accurately depicts the Gambia’s heritage as well as the expectations of what the Trust Bank stands for. “Our change of name and logo is geared towards addressing key aspects, especially reinvigorated service delivery and innovative approach to addressing the general banking needs of our customers,” he disclosed.

He revealed that the bank in 1997 inherited slightly over six thousand four (6400) customers from Meridian Biao, but today it has grown to over two hundred thousand (200,000) customers in the country.

Moreover, Mr. Hayford said the feat has been achieved through the expansionist strategy the management embarked upon, which has seen the bank’s branch network increase from 3 to 18 during this same period.

Placing more emphasis on the new name and logo, Njilan Senghore, managing director of the bank said: “In order to maintain our position as a leading bank in the Gambia, and to continue to grow, it is important to refocus and re-affirm our position in the marketplace through a new brand identity; better communications; tireless commitment to serve our customers better than ever leveraging on technology and a renewed focus on compliance and governance as key enablers,” she noted.