Monday, December 4

Trust Bank supports heritage conservation

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The intervention of Trust Bank Ltd to the tune of D46,000 has helped to restore renewable power supply to the site, according to sources at the NCAC in Banjul.

For decades, Trust Bank has used the Stone Circles, a great Gambian heritage, as its symbol of resilience until last year when it adopted the mighty Gambian baobab as its symbol.

The restoration of the power supply will enable comfort to the teeming visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is said to be very timely coming in the wake of the start of the new 2023 tourist season.

According to the site attendants, the entire solar system at the site has been overhauled, and staff, tour guides, and visitors including school children can now have extra comfort during their visit.

A senior official at the NCAC commended Trust Bank Gambia Ltd for their consistent support to NCAC dating many years back. He added that Trust Bank is a heritage and history-conscious bank, which makes it stand out.