Saturday, February 4

Tujereng annual report reveals how VDC spent over one millions on different activities

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By Binta Jaiteh

Cherno Njie, the chairperson of Tujereng Development Committee said the committee has spent a total of One million seven hundred and three thousand, four hundred and ninety -two dalais (GMD1, 703, four 92.05) on different activities which include Health, Education and Agriculture.

During the presentation held at Tujereng Primary School, Landing Jabang, Treasurer said: “They classified their expenditures into intervention areas within each intervention there are series of activities which include education, health, environment, youth activities, disaster Management and Agriculture. The VDC spent a total of GMD1, 703, 92.05 on different activities period under review out of the total spent, Intervention area of Education consumed GMD 23, 4455.00 representing 13.76% of total spent. The next intervention area was health which took GMD 643,650.00 representing 37.78%.”

He explained the breakdown of the expenditures as follows, environment GMD 528,355.00 representing 31.02% , the youth activities GMD79,250.00 representing 65% , operational cost GMD 79, 442.02 and disaster management, GMD 138, 340 representing 8.12%.

Kebba K. Barrow, National Assembly Member for Kombo South explained the purpose of the VDC as per the Local Government Act to serve as the catalyst for development in the community and as stated should be the entry for all processes.

“Education, Health, Agriculture are the basics of development in any community and the nation. I think it is important for the VDC to work with the relevant institution and agencies to ensure they formulate within the legislative powers to make sure the implementation of the programs are in line with the relevant act,” Mr. Barrow explained.