Thursday, February 9

Tuning Nema Kuta Community Embark On-Road Maintenance

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Tujereng Nema Kuta community a local base organization has over the weekend embarked on a road rehabilitation exercise in Tujereng village.

The move is geared towards contributing to the country’s social development agenda.

The road is a major constraint to the people living in the community due to its inaccessible poor road network.

Dawda Joof, Chairperson for the community said part of the challenges is that the little resources they gathered are what they use to spend on the proper maintenance of the road.

“We cannot fold our hands to sit down and watch the road in such condition. The little resources that we normally use to solve the condition of the poor road network,” he said.

He said the community is spelled out by the authorities for so many years and they are not benefitting anything from the government adding that they are regularly paying their tax to the government.

“This community is lacking a lot key amongst markets, hospitals, etc,” he listed.

On his part Mr. Baba Kinteh, the initiator of the exercise thanks its members for coming out in large numbers in maintenance the condition of the poor road network.

“During the training, a lot of stagnant water causing harm and dangers to peoples life including the sick. He said these people find it difficult to reach the health center during the rainy season.

Malamin Ceesay….. Public Relations Officer (PRO), highlighted the importance that the Kafo plays in the community.

“We are appealing to the government, the private sector including the NGOs to come to our aid in supporting us. The people find it difficult for moving their daily transactions, due to a poor road network. The NAWEC poles in the community are been provided by individuals. There little or no access portal drinking water. The Kafo plan to connect all the main roads linking the community into one common road. We are in the process and hopefully, soon we will have good road networks linking each other.