Saturday, April 1

TVET is the solution to tackle unemployment and poverty – Fatim Badjie

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By Binta Jaiteh

Honourable Fatim Badjie, the Communications Executive Consultant, (ACE) outlined that Technical and Vocational Training (TVET) is the direct solution to allow people to tackle the unemployment rate and the way out of poverty which can significantly bring about Socio-Economic development in the Country.

She made these remarks at the ceremony held for the handing over of communication campaign tools development by ACE Communications Executive together with the National Technical Team, under activity 8 of the Youth Empowerment through TVET Project in the Gambia.

The ceremony was held at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research Technology Conference Hall.

According to her, Youth in the Gambia face high uncertainty of employment, and they believe the Ministry is in the right direction to address this as they have mentioned in their entire campaign and process aspired TVET. She said it is because they want to change the perspective to elevate and promote TVET in the Gambia.

‘’To do that, we had to first do an assessment and the assignment we had was a consultant to see what is on the ground and the perception to see what is on the ground to fill the gaps and create a very good strategic campaign. That overall, the Gambia is on a journey to build a strong economy and a business landscape but this requires growth of cooperation’’ she said

She further revealed that one of the most important aspects of national growth is the creation of more skilled workers and the employment rate of people graduating from TVET not only increases knowledge within the young population but it stimulates growth and employment in supporting workplaces. 

As a consultant, she said they are working closely with the Ministry of Higher Education and UNESCO including students.

Mutarr MY Darboe, the Deputy Permanent Secretary Technical (MOHERST) also noted that part of the Ministry’s program is that they want to make sure that every region of the country should have TVET center. He noted that once the perceptions and communications tools that are being advocated here have been implemented, they would have adequate loans to accommodate additional numbers.

He thanked ACE Communications for doing such wonderful work, and that the expectations of the students and their parents are set at different personal standards. Noted that the students’ expectations and perception towards an educational program have everything to do with what the program benefit will be in regards to employment and social status.