Saturday, September 30

Two DLEAG Directors Accused of Decamping Amid High-Profile Cocaine Probe

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By: NyimaSillah

Two directors at the National Drugs Enforcement Agency (DLEAG) have left the jurisdiction in the thick of sensitive investigations, The Voice was informed.

According to the former DLEAG employee BaboucarrF.M. Colley, the agency’s Director of Intelligence, Lamin J. Gassama, and the Director of Forensics, Demba Jammeh, have abandoned their positions amidst investigations into the recent seizure of cocaine at Brussels airport amongst others.

“Some directors at DLEAG have started fleeing the country. I once advised that the borders be fortified and traveling documents be seized,” Colley told The Voice.

“I am still urging the government of Adama Barrow to reform that agency forthwith,” he added. 

Mr. Colley informed this medium that Gassama left the country a few days ago whilst Demba left a few weeks ago.

Sources reported that Demba left on the pretext of pursuing a Master’s Degree in the U.K. whilst the whereabouts of Gassama were unknown by our sources.

Gassama is also the director in charge of all border entry points, drug demand and reduction, and the treaty implementation unit in charge of the international corresponding agency among others.