Sunday, March 26

Two Senegalese in police net

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Dame Secks, a radio presenter in the Gambia, and Pape Ndiaye, a trader residing in Serrekunda in Gambia, were arrested by Interpol Banjul following a request for mutual assistance from the investigation department of crimes of the police in Senegal (DIC). They disappeared with over 22 million CFA of Mamadou Ngom with whom he had concluded a sale contract of one kilogram in January 2023.

According to L’Observateur, it was on the basis of the videos sent by Dame Seck showing huge amounts of gold and precious coins via WhatsApp that the plaintiff invested in the gold business. To better convince him, he brings in his friend Pape Ndiaye alias Pape Or (Pape Gold), the latter sent Mamadou Ngom with false documents such as a certificate of non-criminality and non-pledge signed by the Director of Commerce of Guinea, a certificate of analysis in the name of Mamadou Ngom signed by the Director of Mines (Guinea) and a certificate of origin and ownership certifying that the gold object of the transaction is not of criminal origin. Convinced of the exhibits sent by Dame Seck and Pape Ndiaye, Mamadou Ngom traveled from Paris to Banjul to find out for sure. Once in Banjul, Lady Seck managed to dangle him with a quantity of gold and diamond stones. Strangely, after his return to Paris and payment of the full price to be paid, he can no longer reach Seck and Ndiaye. This is how he lodged a complaint with the DIC by proxy and following a request for mutual assistance, the two criminals were arrested by the Interpol office in Banjul before being sent to the DIC. Dame Seck alias “Seck Ndanane”, radio host in Banjul, admitted the facts to the police officers of the DIC. “I acknowledge having sent the videos showing gold and precious stones to.

Mamadou Ngom to convince him to buy the goods, If the operation did not succeed it is quite simply because he did not want to increase the amount of the transaction”, he said to the DIC. Pape Ndiaye, for his part, maintains that Mamadou Ngom only paid FCfa 2 million in three tranches and not FCfa 22 million. “We concluded with Mamadou Ngom a market for the sale of gold of one kilogram. He was to sell the gold bullion and return our share, and I was never aware of Mamadou Ngom coming to Banjul. If he paid 22 million Cfa to Dame Seck, I am not aware of it”, specifies Pape Ndiaye and during the confrontation Dame Seck admits having introduced Mamadou Ngom to a certain Zouma, who could not be found, without the knowledge of Pape Ndiaye in Banjul. However, he did not want to confirm the handing over of 22 million by Mamadou Ngom in the gold business.

The Point contacted the police PRO for further comments but could not get them to comment on the matter.