Tuesday, June 6

UDP Develops Election Result Management App – Lamin Manneh

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By Mustapha Jarju

Lamin Manneh, Member of the National Executive Committee of the United Democratic Party (UDP) disclosed that the UDP has developed election result management software that will allow the party to receive all the results from all the polling stations across the country.

Manneh speaking in audio obtained by this medium explained that after the development of the software, the Party created eight WhatsApp groups. One for each of the administrative regions and the party requested each of the party regional chairpersons to select regional, constituency, and ward focal persons which could include the candidates for councillorship positions.

Lamin added that with the use of the app, they will be able to gather all the election results by 8 pm, adding no one will be able to manipulate the election results anymore.

However, he said to make the job easy for their agents they have uploaded the names of all the candidates for the councillor position for the upcoming election which includes the UDP and all other parties.

Manneh stressed that the list of the personalities will be updated in the software and it will be sent to the focal persons to access them simply by using the friendly app for them to register in the software within 2 to 3 minutes. 

“Once that is done we will ask these focal persons to send us the list of polling agents, these are the critical persons in this election, once we receive the list of these polling agents we will upload that to the database, then we will send that another friendly using app asking the polling agents to fill them as a way of registering online,” he added.

According to him, the UDP polling agents can also directly open a small app that will be installed on their phones, directly enters into the software, and enter the votes.

“We appeal to every one of you to ensure that all the regional, constituencies, and ward focal persons in your region, as well as the polling agents, register in this simple user frame app we have sent you,” he said.