Saturday, September 30

UDP Encourages Gambians To Register For December 4 Election

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The United Democratic Party leader has encouraged Gambians, especially the youth to register for the December 4 presidential election.

“I want to encourage every Gambian to register. This is the only opportunity you have and you do not want to postpone your registration after attaining a qualification to supplementary registration. There will be two or more supplementary registrations in the next decade. But this is the most important time because this is the time you are going to elect a president, you are also going to elect your National Assembly members, you will also elect your mayors, your council chairmen and your councillors,” Lawyer Ousainu Darboe encouraged Gambians.

He stressed that there will be supplementary voter registration in the future but the ongoing general voter registration is the ‘most important one’, while appealing to every Gambian, especially the youth to get their voters’ cards.

“A supplementary registration will not afford you that opportunity. So please, I appeal to every Gambian and particularly the young. You are the one whose faith is at stake, you are the one who cries foul. So make sure that you get registered and choose the person of your choice,” Lawyer Darboe stated.

He reminded that it is the duty and responsibility of every sane Gambian citizen of 18 years and above to have a voter’s card to select their representatives in national elections.

“This is a duty and responsibility, which every Gambian who is of age and mentally fit should. It is through this process that we place ourselves in a position to elect our representatives both at the presidential, National Assembly and local government level, so it is a very important process,” Darboe stated.

The former Gambian Vice President and Foreign Minister made these remarks while speaking to the media on Wednesday shortly after acquiring his voter’s card.