Sunday, December 10

UDP, GDC will die a natural death – Seedy Njie

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By Omar Bah

A former APRC National Assembly member and now a strong supporter of President Barrow’s NPP, has said the Niamina West and Kerr Jarga by-election results have signaled that the UDP and GDC will die a natural death after the 2021 presidential election.

“We are beginning to witness what could be the end to opposition in this country. I have no doubt that after the 2021 presidential election, political parties like the UDP and GDC will die a natural death. As we speak, they are moving towards the graveyard. It is all over,” Seedy Njie told The Standard yesterday.

Njie said Gambians have waited too long for a president like Adama Barrow and nothing can make them turn their backs on him.

“We want to make it emphatically clear to every Gambian that 2021 has been clearly drawn and victory is certain for the NPP. Those who are sitting on the fence should join before it is too late. The GDC and UDP can continue bragging about their popularity,” he said.

Njie argued that the Niamina by-election has proved that a UDP-GDC alliance will not work.

“There will be no more serious opposition parties in this country after 2021. The likes of UDP and GDC have nothing to offer apart from the politics of insults and fearmongering,” he said.

“We’re elated. We want to invite everybody on Monday to the Arch in Banjul where His Excellency our party leader will meet our first elected officials. Politics is not child’s play, politics means serious business and NPP means serious business. However, we want to congratulate the GDC for participating and all the other parties,” he said.