Monday, October 2

UDP Hagie Suwaneh says GMC Leader Mai Fatty is Morally Bankrupt

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By: Nyima Sillah

Hagie Suwareh, 2nd Vice President of Youth Wing United Democratic Party has described opposition leader Mai Ahamad Fatty of Gambia Moral Congress as someone who is morally bankrupt for spreading audio saying “he  is at his liberty and he will do what pleases him.”

“I am not belittling Mai Fatty, but the reason why I am talking is that Mai is manifesting his true colour and has forgotten that he is a leader of a political and he is acting like the party he is leading is a private property and not a public entity,” Suwareh said in an exclusive with The Voice on Wednesday.

He added: “Why is it that leaders don’t like accountability? You want to lead, but you don’t want to be accountable? You don’t want them to have the same view as you or the same opinion as you? You are always angry and always react negatively. Instead of acting with clarifications and solutions, you attack the people that you want to lead.”

According to him, the reason why Mai Fatty released audio was that he failed to appear in an interview that he requested and this was on many occasions.

“So, the host said that he was going to critically analyze why Mai was absent from his medium and this was the reason why Mai released audio,” Suwareh, a defeated UDP Basse Constituency candidate in the April 2022 National Assembly election, said.

“He could have waited after the analysis and spoken his opinion, rather than spreading an audio saying he is at his liberty and will do what pleases him, etc,” he argued.

Suwareh, stated that if he sees Mai Fatty preaching on tolerance, it would sound funny because “he (Mai Fatty) is not tolerant, and is morally bankrupt.”

He pointed out that Mai would tell people to mind their business and that he is at his liberty.

“You are not at your liberty, you are leading a political party, if you want to be at your liberty, you stay away from politics, claiming to be a leader you should be ready for accountability, whether you like it or not. No amount of intimidation can stop people from holding leaders accountable, Gambians should be ready to hold our leaders accountable and let them not threaten or intimidate us,” Suwareh pointed out.

“I see his recent behavior as hatred, hypocrisy, and loss of direction. I believe to be a leader, you should be tolerant and respect people’s views, but Mai Fatty is morally bankrupt and confused and that is why he is desperately praising Barrow for a possible position because all they care about in politics is to enrich themselves,” he added.