Saturday, May 27

UDP is using propaganda to confuse people – Babucarr Jeng –

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By: Nyima Sillah

National People’s Party former aspirant candidate for KMC, Baboucarr Jeng, said the United Democratic Party (UDP) is using propaganda to confuse people with the number of votes pulled in the local government elections.

In an interview with this medium, Mr Jeng said “Regarding the results of the election, I think UDP is just playing with the minds of the people because they are looking at the number of seats. That’s ignorance, election is a game of numbers,” 

He explained that “NPP scored about 22,043 votes, UDP scored 32,0288 a margin of ten thousand two hundred and forty-five looking at the voter apathy. People didn’t go out to vote and I think if they are wise enough to look at the councilors election and the way it was, NPP and the alliance have to come together. I am afraid that things are going to be turned around. They are just using propaganda trying to confuse people.”

He added that all Gambians have seen what has transpired between them and the UDP and that being the case, they should be aware of that party (UDP) before they play with their minds. 

Meanwhile, he added that there is something that Mayor Talib is trying to hide because when the interim committees come in, they unearth every single thing that is been hidden and they exposed some of the institutional malpractices and weaknesses of the council and prepare the ground for the next coming council so that they can have a smooth operation.

 “On the specific issue of the interim management committees the decision to insert the proposal in the act was based on lessons learned from international best practices in young fragile decentralization regimes, where there is a positive outlook and outstanding cooperation and collaboration in the spirit of good central-local government relations,” he expressed his mind.

“When it comes to what Talib did by dragging the issues of interim committees coming to court makes me raise an eyebrow because if he was transparent and believed that there is nothing he is hiding why should he drag the issue to court?” he questioned Talib.