Thursday, February 9

UDP Leadership will Never Support Coup, says Party Leader

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By Mustapha Jarju

Lawyer Ousainou ANM Darboe, the Secretary-General, and Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has made it clear that the leadership of the UDP party never takes part in any coup and will never support a coup in this country “because if a coup succeeds in this country that will bring down the political career of the long-lasting opposition UDP party.”

He continued in strong words that “We never support a coup and will never support it, God forbid but we know that if a coup happens in this country until soldiers take control of the country UDP politics will be in trouble and UDP does not want its politics to be because if that happens there will be no political activity in this country.”

Lawyer Darboe who was yesterday speaking at the UDP Diaspora Cash Donation presentation to the UDP National Campaign Manager, Momodou Sabally, at the party’s Pipeline Bureau said, there are people in President Barrow’s government who knows more about security and understand how the government should be secured “if these people were considered the kind of job what we have seen wouldn’t have happened. If you see that the government accepted the Supreme Islamic Council to intervene for the government to accept the release of MomodouSabally. They know if the matter (of Momodou Sabally’s arrest) is brought before a judge they (the government) will be ashamed. This is politics and it is politics that they were running on him after violating his rights for 10 consecutive days under detention, the root of dictatorship in this country is killed.”

Darboe, therefore, called on the government to be a sample in respecting the law, it is incumbent for the government to respect the law because they are the ones protecting the law. “You cannot expect the citizens to be law-abiding when the government is involved in violation of the laws,” he said.