Friday, March 31

UDP mayors, chairpersons will lose elections – Seedy Njie

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“The NPP, we don’t believe in engaging in personal sentiments and aggrandizement,” Mr Njie said. “We believe most of the comments that are made by the UDP, their leader or their surrogates are based on personal sentiments and personal attacks.

The NPP deputy spokesperson attributed the free expression of people without fear to the democratic nature of the current political administration.

“We only respond when things are very pertinent and alarming,” he pointed out, saying: “Look at the comments of the UDP leader. Gambians, we all are aware that his wish is to render this country ungovernable. He is so desperate to be in power that he is out to render this country ungovernable to ensure that there is violence and there is chaos in the country, and he believes if that happens he would have the opportunity to be president.

“We find this comment very dangerous. It came at a time when we are going in for elections. The Gambia as a country and the also the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) – under their protocols of democracy and good governance – want all political leaders and parties within the sub-region to always de-escalate tensions when we are heading into elections.”

Hon. Njie also asserted: “We are going into local government elections and it is apparent that all his mayors and chairmen will lose the elections.

“So what he wants is to cast doubts, a sense of doubt within the minds of the Gambian people and also to prepare his supporters for violence; so that, comes the campaigns and period of announcement of results, they would create problems in this country and cause the country to descend into violence, which is very serious.

“That is why we deem it fitting to respond to these issues, because he is a political party leader and has served as vice president of this country.”

The NPP deputy spokesperson said his party’s constituents are the people. “They are our voters. Their peace and stability should be our utmost priority.” he added.