Wednesday, February 8

UDP Party Leader Message on the Victorious Performance of the Gambian Scorpions

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UDP Party Leader Message on the Victorious Performance  of the Gambian Scorpions

Today, the Sons of The Gambia have placed our beloved Gambia on the global platform for very positive reasons. Our Scorpions have shown us what it looks like, how it feels and what it means to be a truly patriotic son and daughter of our Motherland.

Gambians from all walks of life both at home and in the diaspora have come together to celebrate our collective victory and to commend our youths for such a magnificent performance.

We are so proud of them. They deserve more than just celebrating their hard work. They deserve more than congratulatory messages. We must acknowledge their hard work, dedication and commitment with a befitting reward to boost their morale and spirits as they prepare for the African Cup of Nations. They did this for all of us and indeed for the first time in our history, we shall be going to the African Cup of Nations.

Despite being the smallest country on mainland Africa our sons have now qualified for the African Cup of Nations. They have demonstrated that if we put our differences aside and come together, we can achieve great things collectively for our Nation.

The UDP joins the rest of Gambians to heartily congratulate them for such an amazing and victorious performance. Alhaji Momodou Njie Biri and our Ancestors will definitely be pleased with them for blazing such a trail for The Gambia our Homeland.