Friday, January 27

UDP selects mayors, area council chairpersons for upcoming elections

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The statement reads: “The United Democratic Party completed the selection of candidates for the positions of Mayor of Banjul and Kanifing Municipal Council and the Chairpersons of the six regional Area Councils. The selection process started on November 1st when application forms were made available to aspirants through the UDP Regional Bureaus. After interviews and verifications of candidates’ particulars in the Regions, selection and confirmation of candidates were held on Thursday 22nd December at the UDP Manjai Bureau. The following positions were filled and confirmed unopposed:

  Mayoral Candidate for Banjul – Rohey Malick Lowe
  Mayoral Candidate for KMC – Talib Ahmed Bensouda
  Candidate for Chairperson of Mansakonko Area Council – Landing B. Sanneh
  Candidate for Chairperson of Kerewan Area Council – Malamin I. L. Bojang
  Candidate for Chairperson of Basse Area Council – Foday Danjo

The Selection Committee spent a lot of time on the selection and confirmation of candidates for Brikama Area Council, Kuntaur Area Council and Janjangbury Area Council because there were multiple candidates vying for one position per Region. Brikama Area Council topped the list with 15 applicants, Kuntaur Area Council with 5 applicants and Janjangbury Area Council had 3 applicants. After a long and tedious process, the following were selected and confirmed: 

  Candidate for Chairperson of Brikama Area Council – Yankuba Darboe
  Candidate for Chairperson of Kuntaur Area Council – Alhagie S. B. Silla 
  Candidate for Chairperson of Janjabury Area Council – Malick Sowe

The United Democratic Party intends to file candidates for all positions in the upcoming Local Government Elections, 2 mayoral candidates, 6 regional chairpersons and 120 councillors positions. The selection of the candidates from 120 councillor positions is scheduled for Thursday 29th December 2022.”