Sunday, May 28

Unnamed package cooking for Talib Bensounda – Baboucarr Jeng

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By: Nyima Sillah

National Peoples Party former aspirant candidate for KMC Baboucarr Jeng said he is on the verge of sending a package to Hon. Talib Bensouda that would make him quit contesting in the elections while urging UDP to start thinking of another candidate.

In an exclusive interview with The Voice newspaper, he said he has written to the IGP to permit him to protest against Mayor Talib Bensouda on two occasions “but I didn’t have any response from him. I have no problem with permission denied to protest but it is my right as a citizen to make a request and it is their responsibility as a State to look at my request and either grant me a permit or deny me a permit, But professionally, they should have written back to me.”

“I am going to go ahead with other steps because the reasons why I want Talib to resign are very genuine and what I am going to do is that I am going to do a package that will have footage, pictures, videos, and send it to Mayor Talib Bensouda with a timeline and allow him to make a decision,” Baboucarr Jeng added.

He stressed that the information in the package is authentic and the footage is not made up, adding that if Talib Bensouda receives the package, he expects him to make up his mind to resign or he will have no choice but to expose it (the package) to the public.

Jeng stated that he is not in a rush “that’s the reason I have been quiet all this while hence some people might see it as politics but this is not politics. it is about ethics and morals because that office is not an ordinary office it is an office guided by a principle that I believe he has bent.”

However, Mr. Jeng argued that he does not think Talib will risk staying in that council when he receives the package and he would not dare take the step to contest in the elections, noting NPP doesn’t have a competitor and that UDP should start thinking of another candidate to take over from him.

Meanwhile, Jeng said he still holds on to his stand because the reason why he asked Mayor Bensouda to resign is that he feels that Hon Bensouda has lied to the people and trying to hinder the practice that has been there for a long time which is letting the interim committees come in three months before elections.